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12 Pro Tips For a Better Sleep

If you are one of the lucky people who sleep well every night, it would be good to count your lucky stars. For millions of people, sleep can be an elusive state that is hard to achieve, despite it being central to a person’s health and well-being. 

The good news is that there are things a person can do to improve their nightly slumber. Good sleep habits don’t happen over night (well, they do, but not suddenly), it might take time and commitment to learn how to sleep soundly. 

Here are 12 Pro Tips for a Better Sleep

1. Same Time 

A big part of getting better at falling asleep and staying asleep is consistency. To really get good sleep habits going, going to bed at the same time every night will help condition your body to release sleep hormones that make you tired.

2. Make it Dark

It’s harder to stay away in a dark room, it’s a simple fact. Black out curtains work wonders to block out the light, and a lot of people can’t live without their sleep masks.

3. Make it Quiet

Or at least have white noise to distract the mind from the thoughts and worries that keep you awake. People have different preferences when it comes to noise so it comes down to finding what works for you.

4. Sleep in a Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds are both exciting and comfortable to sleep in, and looking forward to laying down is an important component of improving one’s rest. The joy of a cabinet bed will prepare the mind and body for a restful night ahead.

5. Invest in Bedding

Related to the tip above, having luxurious, fresh bedding to crawl into and wake up in can really improve a person’s relationship with sleep. Is there anything better than getting cozy in soft, clean bedding at the end of a long day?

6. Watch the Temperature

This is key – as the seasons change, so should your bedding and the temperature of your room. Some people sleep hot and need the windows open and a fan on them, while others want the weight and warmth of multiple blankets on them. 

7. De-stress

Stress might be the number one cause of poor sleep – thoughts and worries that kick into overdrive as soon as the bed hits the pillow. Finding ways to handle stress is SO important, for your short- and long-term health. Whether that’s therapy, exercise, meditation… whatever works!

8. Check in with your Diet

Diet affects every aspect of our lives, including our sleep. Perhaps spicy food gives you heartburn that flares up when you lie down, or maybe you are eating dark chocolate before bed and are wondering why you feel super alert. Observing what you’re eating and when can help pinpoint if your diet is impacting your sleep.

9. Reduce Caffeine

The culprit for so many is having caffeine too late in the day when in fact, it’s probably a good idea to reduce intake to just the morning. This might require replacing that afternoon cup of joe with some nice herbal tea or even (gasp) just water. Caffeine is meant to help with alertness so it’s no wonder that drinking too much of it hurts people’s sleep.

10. Reduce Alcohol 

We don’t mean to be a killjoy here but alcohol is usually consumed in the evening and it can deeply affect the quality of a person’s sleep, especially if it’s become a nightly thing. Reducing alcohol will likely result in more restful sleep.

11. Get a Great Mattress

Sleeping on a high-quality mattress might just change your sleep (and your life). Investing in a mattress that is the correct firmness, size and material that suits your sleep needs can do wonders – including reducing body aches and pains and improving how well you rest each night.

12. Get a Cabinet Bed

Just to reiterate #4, a cabinet bed is a great investment to make, especially if you are making decisions and changing behaviours in order to improve your sleep. It’s all about creating the right environment – good bedding and pillows, a comfortable mattress, and a beautiful cabinet bed set the stage for a sound sleep.

If you have any questions about how cabinet beds can work in your space, contact us today!