cabinet bed and loft bed are best space saving option for small condo

5 Popular Space Saving Beds in 2020

Beds are not what they used to be… they are so much better! There is no shortage of great mattresses and bed models on the market today.


And what about when you need to save space? Beds take up a lot of room, and we all know that space comes at a premium, especially with urban living.


Space-saving beds come in a wide range of innovative models and designs and many don’t even sacrifice comfort. Whether a space-saving bed is a person’s primary sleep space or one they only pull out for guests, there are plenty to choose from.


The Most Popular Space-Saving Beds of The Year


Day Bed + Trundle

One of the qualities people enjoy about space saving beds is that they can double as a second piece of furniture. Day beds do just that, especially those with a trundle bed tucked away underneath. Easily converting from a daytime seating area into a single or double bed by pulling out the frame below, the day bed has been restyled to fit a modern or rustic home.


One of the nice things about these sturdy beds is that they don’t take up any extra space that a couch already takes, and are sturdy and comfortable to sleep on. Since it can convert into a double or queen-sized bed by simply rolling out the trundle part underneath, it doesn’t require any heavy lifting or shuffling. It’s simple, fast, and convenient.


Cabinet Bed

Cabinet Beds are the latest in multifunctional furniture that doubles as a sleep space. These hand-crafted units turn from a gorgeous cabinet into a comfortable bed (they usually have very high-quality mattresses) in under 30 seconds, with no struggle to unfold or pull down a heavy frame.


Perfect for a second room that doubles as an office, or for a smaller living space like a bachelor or studio suite. Why take up valuable space with a full-time mattress? These come in a range of styles, finishes and with a number of different options so they match any decor and other home furnishings.


Loft Beds

When thinking about wasted space, we don’t always think about “up”, but loft beds take the height of a room and make the most out of it. A loft bed is a great space-saving option because the space under the bed can be put to good use.


Loft beds are not for the mobility impaired, but they work really well for nimble folks who don’t mind sleeping close to the ceiling. The extra space can be a work-from-home office space, bike storage, a kid’s play area, or for any other need.


Air Mattress

Air mattresses suffer a bad reputation, but they have come a long way in the last while. Gone are the days of the foot pump and the slow deflate that leaves the sleeper on the hard floor by morning.


These days, air mattresses are made with thick materials that are much harder to puncture, and can even come with a luxurious topper. Plus, they have inflation technology that requires no extra work from the user — just flip a switch and watch it fill with air. Then when it’s not in use, you can roll it up and keep it in the closet. Talk about space-saving!


Fold-Down Furniture

As an alternative to hide-a-beds, which were heavy, cumbersome and rarely comfortable, fold-down furniture converts stylish chairs and sofas into a perfectly compact sleeping space.


This type of furniture is perfect for a modern aesthetic because the furniture is often sleek and sophisticated. With chair models, they may be three-fold or make use of an attached ottoman; the sofas are essentially a high-end futon (but much more high quality). Perfect for guests or for small spaces.


Whatever your preference, space-saving solutions — whether it’s a cabinet bed or an air mattress — are an excellent way to maximize and creatively use any limited space in a home or office. Please contact us if you are looking for space-saving beds in Canada.