want to sleep warm in winter is not that hard

8 Tips of How to Sleep Warm in Winter

Staying warm to sleep in the winter doesn’t have to mean cranking up the heat. In fact, there are plenty of other cost-effective and savvy ways to stay cozy during the cooler months.


Whether you are sleeping in a cabinet bed or another kind of bed/mattress combo, here are 8 tips for how to sleep warm in winter.


How to Sleep Warm in Winter?

1. Switch your Linens

If you don’t have winter and summer sheets for your bed, you are doing yourself a disservice. Winter linens are heavier and thick — perhaps made of flannel, fleece, or cotton with a high thread count. Summer sheets on the other hand are more comfortable when they are something light, soft and airy like bamboo.


2. Shower or Bathe Before Bed

A quick warm shower or a nice hot bath will dispel any chill you might still be feeling from the day and will get you cozy and clean before bed. Add some nice aromatherapy or Epsom salts for extra relaxation. Plus it’s such a nice feeling to be clean from the day when you are folding out your cabinet bed and getting ready for sleep.


3. Winter Comforter

Whether you like down or an alternative, much like summer and winter linens, many people have a heavier and lighter comforter they switch out for the seasons. If you are having a hard time warming up under your blankets, it might be time to break out the big guns.


4. Hot Water Bottle

One of the most cost-effective and cozy warming tricks is to use a hot water bottle at night. Boil some water, fill it up and keep it close while you sleep. Pro tip: tuck it under the covers a few minutes before you crawl into bed and you will have the warmest, happiest sleep of your life.


5. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is helpful for a lot of sleep conditions and is good for relaxing the body and preparing it for sleep. It also doubles as an extra heavy blanket so that there are no more little cold air pockets that keep you chilled.


6. Warm Drink

Settling down with a warm drink before bed will warm you up from the inside out before you get ready to sleep. Make sure it’s non-caffeinated! Herbal tea, hot water with lemon, or even warm milk will do the trick.


7. Lots of Layers

Sometimes covering up with lots of layers is the simplest way to get warm. Extra blankets also provide extra weight, which can be good for the nervous system in preparing your body to fall asleep. If you get too hot, just remove them one at a time.


8. Proper PJs

Everyone’s got a different idea for what makes good pyjamas — some people like an old worn-out t-shirt, while others like a fancy nighty. But if you are trying to sleep warm during the winter, it’s a good idea to wear something that keeps you covered.


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