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BC Made Cabinet Beds

Cabinet Beds made right here in BC Canada

Conveniently located in Surrey, WR Mattress proudly features the very best BC-made cabinet beds, mattress and sleep aid products available, along with a number of stylish and durable bedroom furniture items. Our friendly staff can provide helpful advice regarding which bed products will help you get the very best night’s sleep. Visit us in-store to browse the range of quality products in our showroom today.

Real wood cabinet bed made in Canada

Stanley Cabinet Bed

With a modern design and attractive classic wood finish, the Stanley cabinet bed is a great addition to any room where space is an issue. This free-standing Cabinet Bed can be converted from a sturdy and spacious cabinet into a comfortable bed in under 30 seconds. Available in a twin, double or queen, the Stanley Cabinet Bed offers convenience, style and comfort in whatever size you require. Its durable cabinet design allows it to hold even large items such as a 60” television, or any other items up to 500 pounds.

Guest bed cabinet  slide out bed

Country Cabinet Bed

The ideal choice for modern homes with traditionally inspired decor, the Country Cabinet Bed makes the ideal space saving solution for any room. With its shaker style cabinet doors and drawer, the simplicity of this piece extends beyond its appearance. Able to convert from cabinet to bed in under 30 seconds with a few simple steps, the Country Cabinet Bed offers elegance, comfort and convenience in one beautiful solid wood design.

Dark finish cabinet bed

Park Avenue Cabinet Bed

A sleek and sophisticated design gives the Park Avenue Cabinet Bed a noticeably attractive presence in any room. Able to convert from cabinet to bed in under 30 seconds, this Cabinet Bed is an ideal choice for modern designed rooms where space is an issue. This model features side panels that can be opened for a more spacious feel when used as a bed, and durable engineering that makes it capable of supporting up to 500lbs in cabinet or bed form.

Wood grain finish cabinet bed

Aztec Cabinet Bed

With a rich colour and elegant wood grain finish, the Aztec Cabinet Bed will bring noticeable warmth to any room. This model is available in a twin, double or queen size, making it versatile as well as convenient for use at home. Able to convert in under 30 seconds, the Aztec Cabinet Bed is the ideal space saving option for a guest room or small apartment where space is sometimes an issue.

Pine color finish wooden cabinet bed

Denva Cabinet Bed

This beautifully designed Cabinet Bed gives the appearance of a modern dresser with its faux drawer grooves. In addition, the Denva Cabinet Bed features hidden interior bolts. Easily convert this cabinet into a bed that is able to support up to 500lbs of weight in under 30 seconds. You can also make the most out of this piece as a cabinet that is able to support large items on top such as a 60” flat screen TV.

Metro cabinet bed guest bed model

Metro Cabinet Bed

One of the only Cabinet Beds to feature a two-tone colour scheme over a durable solid wood finish, the Metro is an ideal choice for rooms that feature more contemporary decor. This free-standing Cabinet Bed also features attractive grooved panels and side panelling that can be opened during use. Easily convertible in under 30 seconds, the Metro Cabinet Bed offers durability as a cabinet along with noticeable comfort as a bed.