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Is the Mattress in a Cabinet Bed Good Quality?

A good night’s sleep is one of the best things in life, and waking up fully rested sets the tone for the entire day ahead. So, it’s no wonder that people ask whether or not the mattress in a cabinet bed is good quality. It can literally affect a person’s quality of life!

Comfort and Quality

Cabinet beds take both comfort and quality very seriously – these two factors are considered in every element of the design and production. We are happy to report that, much like the rest of a cabinet bed, the mattresses inside are of extremely high quality, so that you or your guests will be able to rest well night after night.

When it comes to quality, you will find only the highest grade, solid materials and finishings – this includes real wood and metal finishings, and no particle board to be found. This furniture is made in North America with every detail carefully crafted – it is not a do-it-yourself project that will creak and squeak within months. 

In fact, you can tell just by looking at cabinet beds that they are built to last. And once you experience how smoothly they open and close, you’ll know for sure that they are created with excellence as the bar.

The Mattress

The mattress inside is given the same treatment – it is a high quality, tri-fold, dense foam material. Cabinet beds also have a higher sleep platform that is similar to a regular queen-sized bed. It will feel like crawling into just a regular old bed! 

The mattress itself is made from premium memory foam for added comfort and support. This is not your average flimsy foam mattress – this dense material is built to absorb the weight of the body, allowing it to relax when it’s time for sleep.

If you’re not sure if a cabinet bed is the solution you are looking for, there are a few other features that might convince you.

Different Models

For one, cabinet beds come in several different models, each one thoughtfully designed with a different look and aesthetic so that you can find one that will perfectly compliment your home. There are a range of colours and finishes, from rustic to modern, that are perfect for any living space.

Another reason cabinet beds are growing in popularity is because they are a genius space-saving solution for small homes. For those that are downsizing from a bigger house to a smaller one, or for someone living in a bachelor suite, a cabinet bed is perfect. The small footprint when it’s in its cabinet form means that the space its in can be used for other things, too. We all know that a mattress dominates any room that it’s in. But with a cabinet bed, suddenly you have the extra space for a desk, workout equipment, or anything else you want!

Cabinet beds are an excellent and gorgeous piece of furniture for either your primary sleep space, or to offer guests. If you have a second bedroom and don’t want to limit it to a hardly-used guest room, then a cabinet bed is a perfect choice, and it is a much more comfortable option than something like a hide-a-bed. You can fold it up and forget about it while it’s not in use!

Cabinet Beds Fit Right In

We are always looking for ways to make life more comfortable and enjoyable, and we think that cabinet beds fit right in. They are such a brilliant piece of furniture – so easy to use, and beautiful at that – while being completely functional. We love to carry them in our store and to watch people’s amazement when they open up a cabinet bed for the first time, seeing how smooth and easy it is to convert it from cabinet to bed and back again. It’s even better when our customers send us messages telling us how happy they are with their purchase, and they are sleeping better than ever!

If you are interested in learning more about how a cabinet bed can work for your home, we invite you to be in touch! We will walk you through the different models and all the features that they have to offer.