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Cabinet Beds vs. Murphy Beds

Which is the Best Space Saving Bed Option?

For a long period of time, the only space saving solution when it came to storable beds was the Murphy Bed. Fortunately, this metal framed fold-out option that features a thin, uncomfortable mattress is no longer the only space saving solution you have. Now, you can enjoy comfort and style with the convenient and attractive Cabinet Bed.

If you are searching for a way to save space in a guest room or small apartment where every square inch matters, look no further than the comfortable and elegant Cabinet Bed made in BC from WR Mattress. This highly functional piece of furniture operates as a cabinet that is ideal for storage, as well as a comfortable bed. Made with quality hard wood, the Cabinet Bed allows for simple mattress storage and is available in a wide range of colours and designs that will easily fit in with your existing home decor.

Cabinet Bed vs Murphy space saving bed

What is a Cabinet Bed?

A cabinet bed gives you the ability to make the most out of the available space in any room in your home. With its quality engineered design that makes it simple to transition from cabinet to bed and back again, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort and functionality for the convenience of a storable bed again. Cabinet Beds are available in single to queen-sized units and are capable of holding up to 500 pounds in cabinet or bed form. The versatile Cabinet Bed allows items to remain in place on top of the unit, as well as in the spacious storage drawer, whether it is being used as a cabinet during the day, or while you are sleeping on one of the high-density mattress options at night.

Convenient & Portable

In the past, installing a Murphy bed required a great deal of work and planning to get it into any room. With the Cabinet Bed, no installation whatsoever is required. Simply move it to any room in your home where space can be an issue and prepare to be amazed by the ease in which you can convert the cabinet into a bed, and vice versa. Forget about using any tools or additional hardware to set up the Cabinet Bed. The portable design lets you easily move this self-contained piece of furniture wherever you require.

Attractive Bed Design

In addition to its convenience and overall durability, the Cabinet Bed comes in a number of elegant and aesthetically pleasing colours and space saving designs. Whether you prefer a more traditional, rustic wood grain finish, or a more contemporary colour with modern hardware, there is a Cabinet Bed that will suit your design preferences. To browse our great selection of Cabinet Beds, be sure to visit our in-store gallery to find the ideal Cabinet Bed for your home today!

About Our Cabinet Beds

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