Metro gray wood finish cabinet bed

Cabinet beds: Perfect Studio Apartment Bed Option

Have you noticed that apartments built today are smaller than ever? To make the most out of the limited space that some cities have available, “density” is the goal. That means more people living in a smaller footprint of space. Bachelor pads and studio apartments for students, are sometimes just a few hundred square feet.

Since that’s the way things are going, then it’s time to get creative about how we use that space. We love a good space-saving “life hack” — or creative solution to an everyday problem. Just search the term and you will find endless lists of brilliant ideas for how to take simple things and turn them into other useful things.

Cabinet Beds also commonly referred to as cube beds are sort of like a life hack — they take the ideas of a cabinet and a bed and seamlessly combine them. For anyone living in a studio apartment or bachelor pad, a Cabinet Bed is the perfect way to save space without sacrificing comfort or design.

Fold up beds themselves are not an entirely new concept — many people have memories of hide-a-beds, the clunky, heavy metal beds that tuck up into the sofa. Just the thought of them makes most people’s backs ache. There is also the Murphy bed, the kind that roll into a wall cavity or fold up to rest vertically against the wall.

Canadian Cabinet Beds take the same idea, that a bed doesn’t need to take up a whole room, but modernizes it into a sleek and thoughtful design. They come in a wide array or styles, colour, and hardware finishes. With limited space available, Cabinet Beds are a great idea to make a living space as functional as possible.

Perhaps the best thing about them is that they are easy to use. You don’t have to be a body builder to fold the bed away. In fact, unlike fold up beds in the past, Cabinet Beds are so smooth and functional that they are a great option for seniors who are downsizing their homes and moving into studio apartments.

Some people would just rather not have a bed take up what little room they have in their bachelor or studio apartment. But we are so used to the idea of having a mattress on display and taking up room in our homes that it can be hard to imagine anything else.

Cabinet Beds are a modern solution to a modern day problem.

With space at a premium in the city, or people feeling the need to downsize and simplify their lives, Cabinet Beds are simply a great idea. They are built to last with high quality materials, and they are thoughtfully designed to keep a bachelor or studio apartment looking big and spacious.

The only problem is that you might get tired of answering the question: where’s your bed?!