Ikea doesn't sell cabinet beds

Does Ikea Canada Sell Cabinet Beds

When space is at a premium in a home, furniture’s functionality is important. Furniture that has more than one purpose is really the smart way to go when your bedroom or living room space is limited. (Or maybe even in the same room!)

When it comes to beds, there are lots of ways you can be smart about utilizing the area occupied by the bad so that it is more than just a place to sleep. You can use the space under the mattress for storage or you can have a bed that folds up into another piece of furniture entirely.

Cabinet beds are a great way to be smart about limited living space. Modern cabinet beds are designed to be sleek and smooth, so that anyone, any age, can easily turn their sleep space into a gorgeous cabinet. They are well-made and thoughtfully designed and customizable for the individual customer.

You can also include different elements like shelves that fold down into desks, for example, to really take things to the next level.

What about Cabinet Bed options at Ikea?

We all know that Ikea’s furniture designs are meant to be simple and functional. So it may be surprising that they don’t sell a proper cabinet bed. (Although they do have other designs like couches and sofas that quickly become beds.)

But like with many of Ikea products, the fun is in the “hack”. Ikea hacks are a popular trend because they take existing simple furniture designs and turn them into something else, or at least a different (better) version of that thing. If you google Ikea hack, you will see some amazing examples of inventive re-purposed creations.

On that note, people have gotten very creative and made their own attempts at a cabinet bed out of Ikea products. (In fact, they are so smartly designed and have become so popular that Ikea has actually endorsed or supported them on their website.)

Mostly these homemade cabinet beds require cobbling together individual modular cabinets, drawers, and cupboards, in whatever kind of set up works best for the individual. You can screw on some rods and hooks for hanging things to make them extra functional. Of course, you will also need a sheet or two of plywood to lay on top so the mattress has something flat to rest on.

While technically this Frankenstein model is not a cabinet bed because it doesn’t fold up into an actual cabinet, it is still very functional and makes use of a lot of space that would otherwise go to waste.

But if you are looking for an actual cabinet bed that is designed with high quality materials and finishings, that folds up into a gorgeous piece of furniture, this is not the option for you.

In that case, you will want to look at cabinet beds made in BC Canada and find the one that is right for you, one that suits your space and lifestyle. If you are looking for a modern fix to the age old problem of limited space, look no further than a cabinet bed!