Be a Good Host Through the Holidays with a Cabinet Bed

There is a lot of planning that goes into hosting the holidays, especially if you are having company stay over. It’s not always easy opening up your home to guests, and it can take a lot of prep work to get the house clean and ready, the fridge stocked, and a suitable bed where your guests will feel comfortable.

Finding the right place for guests to sleep can be tricky. Air mattresses and sofa beds might work for some, but not for everyone. Especially if your guests are older or have mobility issues. You want to be able to offer them a place where they will rest well.

But not everyone has a full spare room set up with the floor space for a mattress. This is where cabinet beds come into play. Cabinet beds are the perfect space saving solution in homes with limited rooms. 

Space Saving

Cabinet beds are a sturdy, comfortable option with a queen-sized mattress, but that folds up into a beautiful cabinet bed when it’s not in use as a sleep space. Plus they come with a lot of extra space for storage, too. Many models of cabinet beds come with substantial storage drawers that you can keep beddings and linens, while acting as a multipurpose piece of furniture that is gorgeous all on its own.


If you are worried that the cabinet bed will stand out amongst your other furniture, no need! Cabinet beds are customizable in a range of different finishes and hardware, and with several models to choose from, there is certainly one to match your existing décor.

Fun Experience

Who doesn’t love sleeping somewhere cool? A bed that folds out of a cabinet adds a little bit of excitement and fun to the experience of sleeping in a new place. And since cabinet beds unfold and fold up via smooth, simple mechanics, it is easy to let the guest take control of setting up the space.

So Comfortable

The makers of cabinet beds do not cut corners on anything. The materials are solid (no particle board to be found), and the platform beneath the mattress is sturdy and flat. You can tell the quality and craftsmanship and soon as you see one in person. They really are beautiful. And inside the cabinet bed is a high-quality, dense foam mattress. It is not a flimsy mattress that you feel like you would sink right through. The whole experience of sleeping on a cabinet bed is designed to help people sleep deeply.

Easy to Move

Unlike a bed that is bolted to the wall, or a heavy sofa bed that takes three strong people to move, a cabinet bed is much easier to move and place wherever you need it to be in the home. There is no installation needed, making cabinet beds are highly portable, which is a bonus if you are moving homes. And who doesn’t love to rearrange furniture from time to time? The versatility of cabinet beds means that you are not beholden to any furniture layout. 

Highly Functional

No matter what piece of furniture you have your eye on, it usually amounts to a substantial investment. So you want to rest assured that your money is going toward something that is going to last, that is functional and practical, and that you will love for years to come. Cabinet beds check all the boxes – they are highly functional for yourself or your guests to sleep on, and they operate as a cabinet when they are not being used as a bed. You can place books, a large TV, or other decorative items on top for even more functionality.


Cabinet beds continue to increase in popularity, especially for urban dwellers and people who don’t want to see a room be devoted to a bed and bed frame. That room is precious and could otherwise be your fitness room or home office. If you have guests coming to town for the holidays, you can give them the gift of a great night’s sleep by offering them a cozy, comfortable, and fun cabinet bed to rest their weary heads.