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Murphy Bed Alternative — Cabinet Bed

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, is a space-saving bed that can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall when not in use. This allows for the efficient use of space in small apartments or rooms. However, a Murphy bed can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver, and it also requires a significant amount of wall space.

On the other hand, a cabinet bed is a newer alternative to the traditional Murphy bed. It is essentially a freestanding cabinet that can be easily converted into a bed by simply pulling it out from the cabinet. Cabinet beds are typically more compact than Murphy beds and can be easily moved around the room, making them a more versatile option for smaller spaces. Additionally, cabinet beds often come with built-in storage space, eliminating the need for additional furniture. Overall, a cabinet bed offers a more modern and convenient alternative to the traditional Murphy bed.

About the Cabinet Bed

The Cabinet Bed is a standalone bed stored within a cabinet design. Just like a typical shelving unit, the frame is constructed from wood and multiple hardware pieces. However, our Cabinet Bed is so much more than a simple piece of furniture used for storage. In just 30 seconds, you can transform this beautiful, free-standing cabinet into a comfortable bed.

Every piece is made from quality, Canadian Birch plywood with no cheap MDF or Particle Board in sight. The premium hardware guarantees durability and creates a smooth transition from cabinet to bed. Customizable with high grade finishes in a variety of colours and hardware options makes it suitable for any style of home. Lastly, the CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam mattress is thick and comfortable, offering great support for every type of sleeper.

Stylish, comfortable, convenient – get the discreet bed of choice today!

Murphy Bed Alternative — Cabinet Bed

Why Buy a Cabinet Bed?

Compared to Murphy Beds (otherwise known as wall beds), Cabinet Beds are the safer, more discreet option. While a Murphy Bed will save some floor space by folding in and out of the wall, it can be a challenge to maneuver. Especially for older or injured individuals. To prevent unnecessary strain and pain, Cabinet Beds are carefully designed to transform from a beautiful cabinet into a comfortable bed in just 30 seconds. Strong, secure, and tucked into an attractive piece of decor, Cabinet Beds are built to last a lifetime. Even the best Murphy Bed can't compete with the quality of our Cabinet Beds.

When it comes to saving space, forget air mattresses and bunk beds. Gain extra space without sacrificing comfort, style, or convenience with our bed alternatives. Offering more flexibility than traditional beds and more functionality than trundle beds, the Cabinet Bed makes hosting overnight guests easier. Place your Cabinet Bed in the living space, guest rooms, a spare office space, or evens your kids’ rooms. Made for big and small rooms alike, all you need is a little extra space to spare. Your very own Murphy Bed alternative, try out the Cabinet Bed today!

Features of Cabinet Bed

Cabinet Beds are designed and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. Unlike modern Murphy Beds, each and every Cabinet Bed is made from materials sourced here in Canada, ensuring quality hardware, support, and durable construction. From the solid wood bed frame to the stylish cabinet exterior, this sets our hideaway beds apart from the Murphy Bed mechanism. Furthermore, most wall beds come with cheap foam mattresses that are thin and lacking support. To enhance overall comfort, this piece of furniture is optimized with a premium memory foam mattress.

Unlike our Murphy Bed Canada competitors, we don't cut corners by finding the cheapest manufacturing costs. Rather, we focus on creating attractive design styles, sturdy construction, and quality hardware. In other words, we don't skimp on the details! Have a comfortable bedroom alternative that is convenient for small spaces in any room.

Cabinet Bad is assembled
Cabinet Bed in semi-unassembled condition
Cabinet Bed in disassembled condition, ready to use


  • Available in a variety of finishes and colours to best suit your style
  • Constructed from fine wood products such as Birch plywood
  • Free delivery with purchase
  • No need to assemble, the Cabinet Bed comes ready to go
  • Features premium memory foam mattress in single to queen sized frames
  • Quality hardware for lifelong durability
  • Free standing design causing zero damage to your wall structure
  • Safe mechanism to prevent injury when folding in and out
  • Saves space compared to a traditional guest bed
  • Provides a comfortable sleeping arrangement for guests
  • Finished with non-toxic stain in custom colours
  • Designed and made in Canada
  • Includes Canadian materials
  • Transforms from cabinet to bed in under 30 seconds
  • Attractive design to leave guests impressed
  • Comes with great warranties
  • TV stand by day, bed by night


  • Floor space needed for free-standing design
  • Larger initial investment compared to Murphy Beds

Where can I buy a Cabinet Bed?

Rather than blindly buy a Murphy Bed online, you can test out a Cabinet Bed in-store. This way, you can see how simply and quickly it can go from cabinet to bed. Our knowledgeable staff at WR Mattress Gallery can walk you through the steps for a seamless transition. You can also see take a rest on the bed and see how the thick memory foam molds to your shape. Plus, they come in single to queen-sized frames to ensure you have the mattress space you need.

For the unit itself, browse the different stains, finishes, and hardware options to customize your cabinet to match your aesthetic. When not using as a bed, the Cabinet Bed can support up to 500 pounds, making it a great TV stand. Unlike a wall bed, Cabinet Beds give you versatility, convenience, and quality craftsmanship.

Why buy Murphy beds online when you can get the higher quality alternative at our Surrey shop? Visit WR Mattress Gallery to find out why Cabinet Beds are the best space-saving solution for any house.

Murphy Bed vs Cabinet Bed

When looking to save space with traditional bed alternatives, you've likely come across Murphy and Cabinet Beds. While we believe the Cabinet Bed offers superior comfort, convenience, reliability, and quality, it's up to you to decide. Here is a comparison of the features and specifications of Murphy vs. Cabinet Beds:

Murphy Bed
Park style cabinet bed with mattress

Feature/Specification Murphy Bed Cabinet Bed
Space-saving Yes Yes
Wall-mounted Yes No
Freestanding No Yes
Storage Space Limited Generous
Ease to Use Can be heavy and difficult to maneuver
Lightweight and easy to move
Installation Professional installation required
Easy DIY installation
Mattress Size Limited to standart sizes
Wide range of mattress sizes available
Design Options Limited
Wide range of design options available
Price Typically more expensive
Typically less expensive
Convenience Requires cleaning the area around the bed when in use
No need to move any furniture when converting to bed

While both Murphy beds and Cabinet beds offer space-saving benefits, Cabinet Beds tend to be more versatile and convenient due to their freestanding design, easy installation, and built-in storage space. Additionally, Cabinet Beds offer a wider range of design options and mattress sizes, making them a great choice for those looking for a modern and functional sleep solution. They are also far more durable, built with high-quality, locally sourced wood and hardware materials, ensuring they last a lifetime. With that being said, Murphy beds may still be a suitable choice for those with limited floor space or specific design preferences. The choice is yours! The ideal Murphy bed alternative, contact our team to learn how the Cabinet Bed was made with your comfort in mind.


Cabinet Beds Reviews

  • I really love my Cabinet Bed. It gives me so much more room. The mattress is very comfortable. I also ordered a matching chest (same colour as the bed.)

    - Louise D.

  • Great service! Love our new bed and frame. And the Cabinet Bed is perfect for our guests.

    - Dallas F.

  • I am very happy with my new Cabinet Bed purchased from WR Mattress Gallery. I received excellent service from the entire staff. I was particularly impressed with the delivery and set up in my home.

    - Daphne