murphy bed is one of the space saving options for home

Murphy Bed vs Cabinet Bed

There are plenty of reasons why a person might want a space-saving bed. Maybe the room is dual purpose — both an office and a guest room, or maybe it is a small studio space, to begin with and a bed just takes up too much room.

If you are thinking about getting a space-saving bed, you have a few options. To help you decide which is best for your space, we are going to compare Cabinet Beds vs Murphy Beds.

Compare Cabinet Beds and Murphy Beds

Cabinet Bed

A Cabinet Bed is a stand-alone unit that contains a bed inside. With a few easy movements, the mechanisms inside unfold into a high quality, comfortable sleep space. The exterior cabinet is made of wood and can come in an array of different finishes, colours, and hardware touches. There are different models that range from rustic to modern to suit any style and interior design, and they come in a range of sizes from Single, Full/Double, to Queen.


A Cabinet Bed is a popular option these days because when folded up, it serves as a multi-functional piece of furniture. Most can support the weight of a large TV and they don’t need to adhere to a wall — they can be positioned wherever is best for the layout of the room.


Since Cabinet Beds simply unfold horizontally, they are a great option for seniors or anyone who doesn’t want the burden of pulling a bed down from an upright or vertical position. The modern mechanics inside a Cabinet Bed make the process very smooth and simple so that it doesn’t require a lot of strength to convert the bed from one to the other. Cabinet Beds are made with high-quality material and are built to last.

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Murphy Bed

A Murphy Bed is usually stored vertically against the wall that is pulled down into a horizontal position for sleeping. Usually when the bed is stored in the upright position, it is hidden inside a frame with doors to mask the mattress and frame. These beds usually come with a Full/Double or Twin sized mattress.


Murphy Beds need to be firmly and permanently bolted into a wall, they are not stand-alone pieces of furniture. They do require some strength to lift up and let down from the wall, so they are not ideal for everyone. Murphy Beds have a slightly smaller footprint when not in use, but they are also not multifunctional.

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In comparing the two space-saving designs, the benefits of a Cabinet Bed outweigh Murphy Beds. When it comes to design, ease and comfort, a Cabinet Bed gets a higher score in all three areas. Whether it is a person’s every night sleeping option or reserved for guests, a Cabinet Bed is a modern space-saving solution that checks all the boxes. If you have any murphy bed vs cabinet bed question, please contact us.