cabinet beds can help you save your space for your house or condo

Top 5 Benefits of Purchasing a Cabinet Bed

Cabinet Beds are the latest in space-saving solutions. This cleverly designed, multipurpose furniture has both abundant storage and a small footprint. These units are stylish, versatile, and come with top quality mattress options so you can still get the sleep you want and need.


Many Benefits That Cabinet Beds Provide


1. Perfect for Guests

If you love having guests over but don’t have space for a full second bedroom set up, a cabinet bed is a perfect alternative. Instead of making your guests sleep on the couch or a deflating and uncomfortable air mattress, a cabinet bed contains a comfortable mattress that can sleep, two people. You can keep it in the living room or the spare room if you have one and when the guests are gone, easily fold up the mattress and tuck it away until the next time.


2. Easy to Move

Unlike some space-saving beds that need to be fixed to the wall, cabinet beds are relatively moveable. You can place them anywhere in the home — against the wall or more centred in the room. They are also easy to pack up for a transport if you are moving locations. If you are the kind of person that likes to rearrange furniture or upgrade decor from time to time, a cabinet bed is a flexible and versatile unit that can go anywhere.


3. Extra Space

Urban living often requires space-saving solutions and multipurpose furniture to make the most of small apartments or living spaces. Of course, cabinet beds fold up and turn into a compact piece of furniture, but many models also come with extra storage drawers that are perfect for linens or clothes. Any apartment dweller will tell you that the more storage the better, and cabinet beds that free up closet or dresser space are helpful in making the most of a small situation.


4. Any and All Styles

Whether your cabinet bed is your primary sleeping space or extra space for guests, you can find a model that is perfect for your style. From rustic to modern and in a range of finishes and hardware options, there is something for everyone. Cabinet beds can also blend in with a person’s current furnishings or can be a stand-alone piece that anchors the room. Since they are built sturdy and long-lasting, they can also serve as a TV stand while not in use as a bed.


5. Sleep Wel

Getting a night of good sleep and being well-rested is one of the most important components for overall health and wellbeing. And unlike many space-saving beds, cabinet beds are solid and sturdy and have high-quality mattresses contained within the frame. They are easy to unfold and refold again in the morning — there is no stress or struggle with cabinet beds. They are suitable for everyone, even seniors or people with mobility issues.


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