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Why Are They More Practical Than Sofa Beds?

Do you find yourself living in a small space? Or perhaps you are frustrated with the amount of space your bed takes up. This is common if you live in a studio apartment or a bachelors suite. Or maybe you have a spare room that you’d like to convert into a workout space, craft room or theatre. Either way, a bed has such a huge footprint! But, you still want a bed, because you love having company and your family visits often.

What do you do?

A sofa bed has traditionally been a common solutions for the situations listed above. Sofa beds have their charm — but they also have their drawbacks. They can be very uncomfortable in both sofa and bed form, they are heavy and cumbersome, and they are often not in the style you’d prefer for your home.

Enter cabinet beds. More and more people are finding that cabinet beds check off all the things on a list that they want their functional furniture to be. Cabinet beds are often much more practical than sofa beds. 

Here’s why.

1. Cabinet beds are stylish

One of the main things that people love about cabinet beds is that they are made to order (with sturdy North American materials) with the design elements of your choosing. Customizable options include colour, finish, and there are several styles to pick from. Whatever your decor type, and no matter the size of your room or home, there is a cabinet bed to perfectly complement the interior.

2. Cabinet beds fold up into a beautiful piece of furniture that is discreet and functional.

People gripe that sofa beds serve a purpose, but at the end of the day, you are still left with a sofa that you may not want or need. Cabinet beds, on the other hand, transform into a beautiful cabinet, sturdy enough to hold a very large flat screen TV. It can be placed against a wall or kept in the spare room without taking up much space. In fact, your guests probably won’t even know that there’s a bed in there! And if it is your primary sleeping space, think about how much extra room you will have if you opt for a cabinet bed.

3. Cabinet beds make for an extremely comfortable sleep for you or your guests.

The tri-fold mattress contained within the cupboard reveals itself to be an thick, durable sleep space. And since it lays upon a flat platform, there is no sagging or bars jabbing through. Cabinet beds are designed with comfort as a top priority. They are especially popular with people who are older because of how easily they convert and how comfortable they are.

Canadian-made cabinet beds are truly worth a try, especially if you feel like a sofa bed does not meet your needs and a wall bed (Murphy bed) is not the option for you either. For a piece of furniture that is comfortable, practical, and beautiful, look no further!