deciding between cabinet and sofa bed

Why Cabinet Beds Are Better Than Creaking Sofa Beds

You can almost hear the squeaking and creaking of a sofa bed at the very mention of it! Unfolding that heavy metal frame from inside the couch, the cloud of mustiness that is unleashed as the mechanism transforms from a sofa to a bed. It’s a full sensory experience!

Even though newer sofa beds are often made with strong and lighter materials, and the mattresses are a higher quality than they used to be, they are still cumbersome and prone to creating a restless night. The very nature of the design means that the hidden bed frame gets a lot of pressure from bodies sitting down and getting up, especially if the couch is well used.

A squeaky sofa bed will likely interfere with a good night’s rest. And if you have guests who get the privilege (burden?) of sleeping on a sofa bed, you are going to want to solve the problem if you want them to return.

The squeaking sound is likely coming from metal on metal rubbing together, and it’s not too difficult of a problem to solve. Check the following steps to remove the squeaking and creaking.

Steps to eliminate squeaking and cracking from your bed

  1. Unfold the bed and mattress and move around until you isolate the spot the sound is coming from
  2. Remove the mattress and check the screws, remove any that seem suspicious
  3. Apply lubricant to the materials that are rubbing together or add rubber washers to provide some cushioning to the area
  4. Put the sofa bed back together and see if the problem is solved

Another option for eliminating the high pitched sounds that are similar to a horror film is to replace the sofa bed altogether with a modern, stylish, quiet and comfortable Cabinet Bed.

Cabinet Beds are made with high quality materials and fold up into nondescript but gorgeous cabinet units that have a small footprint. They are especially useful if you want a reliable spare bed but also don’t want a couch – like in an office, for example.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why Cabinet Beds are more desirable than a sofa bed.

Why Cabinet beds are more desired than Sofa bed:

  • They are free standing and inconspicuous for nearly any room in the house
  • They transform smoothly into a bed in 30 seconds or less, making them great for people of all ages, especially seniors
  • They are made with all wood construction – formaldehyde-free wood, no MDF or particle board
  • They come in Twin, Double, or Queen sized with high quality CertiPUR-US Certified mattresses for an comfortable and supportive sleep every time
  • They are designed with high grade finishes, multiple stain and hardware options to suit any design style
  • They are multifunctional and have added storage with a large drawer
  • They support up to 500 pounds
  • They don’t squeak or creak!

Cabinet Beds are becoming the go-to choice for people needing a space saving solution – in fact, they are often the primary bed for people living in studio apartments or smaller condos. Since they come in a range of options and with modern finishes, there is really no going back!

Our friendly staff can provide helpful advice regarding which products will help you get the very best night’s sleep. Be sure to check out our great selection of Cabinet Beds in our showroom today.